Days 14-21: Kerikeri to Whananaki.

2 days off in Kerikeri to rest and dry out then out onto the trail again. From Kerikeri I followed a forestry trail through to Waitangi and Paihia, this is the first commercial forest I’ve had to walk through, a few wild pigs wandering round but not much life. Paihia was a nice little place, little sleepy but then it’s not in prime tourist season. Great host at the Mousetrap Backpackers, cold beer after a hard day. From Paihia I chose to walk to Opua then onto Waikare rather than kayak the section. I split the walk into 2 days with a night in Russell before heading onto Sheryls place, a must stop at Trail Angel’s at the start of the Russell Forest. You come out of the Russell forest with a punishing road walk to Helena bay and a walk along Helena ridge and Morepork track’s. The weather forecast was all doom and gloom for the Monday so I took a day out at 2999 just out of Russell forest to shelter before following the tracks through to Whananaki. slow going but I’ve caught back up with a group of 10 who past me a few days back. Weather looks good so I may let them get ahead again and take an extra day in this cool little fishing town.

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  1. Really enjoying your adventure, your blog is well written and great pics. Good luck with what’s ahead and I’ll look forward to each chapter. Russell


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