DAYS 84-89: Picton to Pelorus Bridge.

Ships Cove. Start of the Queen Charlotte Track

After a great break on the Kapiti Coast for Christmas it was an early morning ferry to the top of the South Island then a water taxi over to Ships Cove the start of the Queen Charlotte Track rejoining Te Araroa. I had sea kayaked round the sounds a few times many years ago but walking the track gave an entirely different perspective on the area, blessed with great weather (it was hot, the sun was shining, summer’s here) the 4 day walk down Queen Charlotte Sound to Anikiwa was the perfect warm up to start the next 10 weeks. Stunning views and having a two week break introduced me to completely new set of walkers from the Te Araroa community of 19/20, although by the time I had reached Pelorus Bridge a few familiar faces and names had appeared. Marian, Richard, Nina & Josh and I was now 1 day behind Nick and Robert who I first ran into way back in Mangawhai.

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