The Days After

Invercargill Town Hall.

After finishing the trail in Bluff I was lucky enough to have friends in Invercargill to stay with for a few days so I could catch my breath, sleep a few extra hours and plan where I was heading to next. After a few days taking in the sights I was on the road again heading north this time hitching, I had heard rumors all the buses were fill with the TA cyclists and flying out of the deep south is more expensive than a trip to the Gold Coast.

It took 24 hrs to make it to Rangiora, if I hadn’t gone to say hi to the Tuatara in Queenspark I probably would have made it in 12. It was good to share a few trail stories as I made my way up through towns I had only breally heard of before, Gore, Balclutha, Hampton …. before finally making it to Kaiapoi then Rangiora. Still undecided about where to from here but the immensity of effort, sacrifice and achievement of completion is starting to sink in.

Thank you to all the family and friends that have helped and encouraged along the journey. Good luck for the futures of all those I met along the way.


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  1. Hey Ryd. Thanks for the journey. What a achievement. Steve C has been envious of your awesome adventure. Question? What can top that now. Except for a good craft beer lol. Well done mate.

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