DAYS 7-13 : Ahipara to Kerikeri

This was a long section 7 days through 3 very different forest's and maze of electric fences through 24km of farmland. It started with a walk to Kaitaia along the road, 3 tropical downpours and I had dried out by the time I left Pac'n save. A short hitch (6k) up SH1 and then on... Continue Reading →


32km from Utea to Ahipara. The intention was to walk on to a campsite 17km down the beach. My pace for the day was planned to perfection and I made camp late afternoon to find it was closed for renovation. Another 15kms to go.... I finally reached Ahipara just after sunset and wandered round the... Continue Reading →


Day 4: 30km to Utea park campground. It was a long day but well worth the effort. The morning started with the drone of motorcycles which turned into the drone of IRBs as the annual 90 mile beach race rolled on past, each boat being tracked by vehicle. 50+ boats past by before the sound... Continue Reading →

DAYS 2-3

TWILIGHT CAMP TO THE BLUFF CAMP I had intended to walk this 27km section in one day, but it was such a nice day once the winds died down. I found a great spot in the dunes to camp and continued on to the bluffs campsite the next morning. Splitting the day up ment for... Continue Reading →


The Lighthouse Stunning day to go for a walk. After a great walkers breakfast, 2 bacon and egg Mcmuffins, I managed to get to the Cape in good time. A few war stories, a herd of cattle, classic car rally and gypsies who forgot where they were going and dropped me off at the Cape.... Continue Reading →

Waitawaewae Hut

Crossing at the Otaki River, new Track, New Hut, things change, last there 30+ years ago, the hut must have been rebuilt soon after that. couple of long days. will be interesting to see how long it takes to walk out 60 odd days into Te Araroa

Planning is a Chore

At the moment i just can't wait to start walking. Equipment, food, weight, logistics... all leave the head spinning. It looks like i should be taking the first steps about the 23rd of September, leaving me enough time to make Wellington a few weeks before Christmas, then continuing the journey just after (maybe before) New... Continue Reading →

Te Araroa My Journey

Towards the end of June 2019 I decided to set off on an adventure and walk Te Araroa, New Zealand's Long Pathway. A 150 day journey the length of Aotearoa. Starting the beginning of October at Cape Reinga, a few weeks break in the middle then finishing towards the end of March in Bluff. Check... Continue Reading →

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