DAYS 7-13 : Ahipara to Kerikeri

This was a long section 7 days through 3 very different forest’s and maze of electric fences through 24km of farmland.

It started with a walk to Kaitaia along the road, 3 tropical downpours and I had dried out by the time I left Pac’n save.

A short hitch (6k) up SH1 and then on to Takahue and the start of the Mungamuku Route through the Raetea Forest renowned for its mud, I was expecting the worst maybe I got lucky. The route climbs Raetea then across a ridge line that if not so dense in bush would offer views looking up the center of Northland through to the Cape with the Tasman and Pacific framing each side then to the south the fingers of the Hokianga reaching in, only glimpses. The route then dropped through farmland and out to Mungamuka for a burger stop.

From here the trail follows a forest road into the Kuari forests of Omahuta it was a long day but finding the campsite saw me walk an extra 5k back and forth. The apple tree camp was like something out of a Stephen king novel, kamikaze possums and all.

The route the drops down through a river gorge and joins the Puketea ridge track through the Puketi forest. A long trapping line that when it passes exposed Kauri roots it turns into a great walk track, one moment you are floundering around next you are on paved road. Everything to here has been really well marked, tough terrain but orange tags everywhere.

The last day is a walk from Puketi forest camp through to Kerikeri, the land where they sell oranges by the sack and avocados for $1 each. The trail follows through farmland with short sections on the road linking the shortcuts πŸ˜‚. I missed one of the turns, 3k down the road I was resigned to a long road walk to reconnect when a local realised I had strayed and insisted on driving me back, the trail marker was missing. The view out into the bays and peninsula was worth the correction. But from here trailmarkers were near non existant and negotiating the minefield of electric fences was worthy of a SAS training exercise, An excuse for a few days break in Kerikeri. Pizza burgers beer. 230kms and a few extras 2770 to go.

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  1. Going well Rhyd, proud of you and enjoying the newsy blogs. Kerikeri sounds a good place to rest up. P.S making sure your beer doesn’t go off!!!



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